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Hey there art lovers and home designers here’s come great tips on making your home or workplace look amazing!!!

When picking or creating art for your room bigger is always better.  Art should take up 2/3rds to 3/4ths of your wall (especially in contemporary designs).  If hanging over your furniture or mantle go with 3/4ths the length of your furniture and about 4″ to 10″ above it.  For a fun full look use lots of small art to make a gallery wall like in the above image.

Now for canvas illusions…thicker the frame seems more stately and screams quality, unusual sized frames add interest.  You can finish off your canvases by either wrapping the painting around the edges or painting a solid colour on it’s sides.  To get the appearance of it framed try painting the sides a solid colour AND then painting a border on the front.

Hope you’re inspired to make and decorate your spaces. Oh and we have canvases in all shapes and sizes on SALE Jan 13th to 27th.  60% off all studio 1″ and gallery 2 1/4″ deep ones!  They’re so deep you could put a false backing on them and stash your treasures!  Happy Arting!

***More in store.  No other discounts apply.

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