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Feature and Sell Your Art

Firstly, I am glad you want to take a big step towards promoting and selling your art.  Here at Ridge Side Art we have the online capacity to showcase you as an artist and help you bring your art to the world.  If you are a Northern BC artist you are eligible to be on our platform.

All art must be derived from your own original concepts or reference photos and involve no copyright infringements.

Art Submissions:

To submit your art please email and express your interest. She will assist you with providing the following information:

  1.  Artist Form
  2. Personal Photo
  3. Art Piece Photos
  4. Art Information Form

Art submitted must be in good taste.

How it Works (the basics):

  1. You send in the above information.
  2. Upon approval we post your art in the gallery, your biography in the artist page, and run a feature post.
  3. You store the art in mint condition.
  4. Upon sale of your art, we will arrange shipment/delivery of your art to the buyer.
  5. After 10 days of the art being received to the buyers satisfaction, you will be sent payment for it.

Quality Assurance Standards:

To ensure a standard of quality is met you will need to disclose the materials you have used to create your art. While the art is shown in gallery, you must store it in an appropriate environment to ensure its preservation. If you are preparing a ready to hang piece make sure it is supported with proper hanging wire and latches; and where possible attach a dust cover.

Gallery Fees:

To cover website, administration, and promotional costs the gallery charges 20% on all sold art.  When your art sells the gallery will deduct this charge from your payment.

Check out the FAQ’s page for more info!

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