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Prince George, BC

I allowed myself to explore art on a more serious level in the early 90s. I say “allowed” as at the time I was a working mother and conventional thinking had me believing this sort of thing was a frivolous pursuit. Nevertheless, I did pursue and over time came to realize how mislead I had become. I now believe the arts are the other half to the whole and when society finally gets that then we will become balanced.

Originally from Vancouver I am a transplant to Prince George, but in my heart I will always consider myself a web footed rain coast girl. This is reflected in many of my pieces that show impressions of city and street scenes. However, I resist being defined by any type or style of work. I could and have changed on a dime and headed off in a completely different direction.

Through the years I pursued many mediums such as watercolor, pen and ink, pastels, oils acrylics and sketching/drawing and more. As much as I appreciate conventional art forms, mixed media excites me as I delve into the alchemy of it all. Experimenting with different techniques and materials demands outside the box thinking. As a piece progresses I feel the chains of conformity become shelved if not completely lost in the mix at times.

Cfree continues to paint, draw, zen tangle, and find new ways of expression in BC’s beautiful interior.

Cfree is a nickname assumed by the artist many years ago and can be found somewhere on her pieces. Often, as the pieces are unconventional so might be her signature placement.

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