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Darwin Paton

Originally from the Shuswap, I first moved to Prince George in 1983.  Educated in Forestry, a career change in the 1990’s took me into the Environmental Systems field, where my interests in environmental protection are put into practice.

I am a devout conservationist with strong beliefs in environmentally sustainable development. I find it encouraging that people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that our activities are having on our environment and are more willing to undertake informed choices in order to mitigate our impact.

I pursue the art of photography as a way to record the beauty of our Province’s varied landscapes and the animals which inhabit them.  My goal is to capture the essence of fragility in our environment without impacting the subject matter that I am presenting. Using this approach I present moments as they transpired; for that is all they are, moments of experience.

My works are, and have been, displayed in many towns throughout the interior of BC, as well as Jasper, Alberta.  I have participated in numerous group exhibits and twenty two solo exhibitions to date.

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See more of Darwin’s work at Wild & Free Outdoor Photography site.

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