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Kat Valcourt

Kat-ValcourtI always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and I was blessed enough to actually do what I always enjoyed doing….. ART! I am a Fine Arts undergraduate majoring in Interior Design at the Philippine Women’s University.  My entire family moved from Manila, Philippines to Vancouver in 1987 for a better future.

I started out doing artwork for myself and designed every room in our house to be different and showcase my ability to design. My first clients were lawyers and restaurant owners. Be it from designing homes or restaurants, I always wanted to challenge myself to design something innovative, unique and affordable.  I did not believe in making artwork that would cost an arm and a leg to make something beautiful and different.  It had to be different, out of the norm, and always one of a kind.  My creative mind was always in overdrive! I would lose sleep because I was always thinking of artistic designs and methods that were out of the ordinary.

In 2005, I met my wonderful husband who just moved to Prince George so I decided to move to Prince George with him .  With his support and encouragement,  I decided to immerse myself to learn how to paint with watercolors, acrylics, oils and charcoal.  I always enjoyed my art classes and was dubbed “Speedy” because I would always whiz by the project and end up with a satisfactory art piece.  I easily get bored so I try to learn as much as I can, use it as much as I can and continue to grow and be more creative.  I do not make an art piece twice, hence, all my art pieces are truly one of a kind.  I refuse to redo or imitate a piece that I have already done once.  That would be too boring!

Three years into the Artist’s Co-op, I decided to teach Mixed Media Art using a plethora of mediums and tree mixed media_1subtrates that are not commonly used.  I love texture and uniqueness, so I decided to delve into as much mixed media as I can get my hands on, gels, acrylic inks, alcohol inks, metalics, etc..  It’s like a mad scientist in a chem lab, using this and that with the confidence knowing that there are no mistakes, only beautiful accidents!!  I like my art to be carefree, liberating and innovative and as long as I hold on to a child like imagination, my nights will be filled with dreams that will eventually unfold on to a canvas.

I am starting an art service called Kat’s Eye which involves personal art lessons in acrylic, mixed media, watercolor and oil. Kat’s Eye does custom art work, interior design for both residential and commercial as well as unique window designs.  My business is called Kat’s Eye with the symbol of a snow flake because “no two are alike”, just like my art.

Katherine Tecson Valcourt

2507 McTavish Road

Prince George, BC, V2K 0A1





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