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Kristin Vignal

Kris Kristin Vignal

I have worked with oils, clay, watercolours and various drawing mediums, but my medium of choice is currently soft pastel.  A pastel stick is simultaneously a drawing and a painting tool, and the way the particles of pastel pigment catch the light can be breathtaking.

I derive inspiration from travel, and also from the natural beauty of our own province.  I am captivated by the details, patterns and colours found in my subject matter, and I strive to create art that allows the viewer to share my passion.

My portfolio focuses largely on representational art with a strong interest in the animal world. During the past two years I have also begun exploring abstract art. The ability to work within the confines of representational art is balanced by the liberating freedom of exploring colour and abstract pattern, the results of which are often unexpected and exciting.

I am an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and also belong to the Pastel Artists of Canada, the Community Arts Council of Prince George, and Studio 2880 Artists’ Workshop.

You can also visit my website at


Watching A Safe Place

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