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Lynda Anderson

Lynda Anderson

Lynda Anderson is a multimedia artist living in Prince George. She is passionate about public art and art as a universal language.

Although she has spent much of her life working as a health care professional, she has always been drawn to creative pursuits.

“As the eldest child of a large family of sheep trekkers in BC’s Shuswap region, my first impressions of the world were what I saw as a tiny passenger strapped to the side of a pack horse. I observed everything in forms, shadows and endlessly changing movement and colour. It created in me both a sense of wonder and wanderlust.”

She earned an Associate Degree in Journalism and Photography, and began her art career as an illustrator for poetry chapbooks and organizational posters in the 1970’s and 80’s in Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto.

Largely self-taught, she is in constant quest of learning experiences.

Lynda is known for her use of vibrant colours and organic materials, and creates from the Wind Woman Studio.

Click to view Lynda’s Art WeAreAllOne

To see more about Lynda and her art work you can also visit her site at

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