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Sharron MacBride



The foundation for Sharron’s art journey was a watercolour workshop in 1997. It was very elementary but peaked an interest in watercolours that remains to this day.

“I love that learning the techniques and becoming competent in watercolours doesn’t guarantee you will be it’s master. Paint and water have this intriguing ability to surprise you and be it’s own creator at times.  Watercolours can be soft and delicate, or bold and vibrant…the choice is yours.”

Sharron grew up in Southern Ontario in cottage country and it instilled in her a love for all the gifts nature displays. She loved the textures and nuances of trees, or water over rocks, or the simple beauty of a dark forest floor filled with trilliums.  “It is all there around us every day….the beauty and marvel of life.”

Now residing in Prince George, the Central Interior Region of British Columbia, Sharron is currently a member of the Artists’ Workshop of Studio 2880.  She has displayed and sold works at Studio Fair in 2013 and 2014, sold pieces at shows in Williams Lake and Telkwa, BC and did a showing at the Mackenzie Art Gallery several years ago.  “I still remember how excited I was when a couple purchased a piece of art and told me it would hang in their home in Belgium.  When something we create moves someone enough that they want to see it every day in their environment, that is truly joyful.”

Sharron appreciates that art has many forms and each individual seeks out what creates the passion for them.  “Art is created from within and only shines when it is displayed for the world to view.”

Click to view Sharron’s artCotton-Candy

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