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Wendy Barteluk


I have been interested in art since I was a child but there was either time and no money or money and no time.  When I worked I did computer graphics including designing books, letterhead, business cards and lots of posters.  Ten years ago I found I had both time and money so started with watercolour lessons, drawing and acrylics then branched out to mixed media.

I grew up at the coast but have since lived in Williams Lake, Terrace, Prince Rupert and have been in Prince George for over 40 years. The vibrant art community in the north has been very supportive as has Mother Nature.

Her lines, shapes and textures provide inspiration everywhere you turn.

I am a member of the Prince George Artist Workshop guild and have shown my work at group exhibitions at Studio Fair,  Groop Gallery, many Environment Shows, Theatre Northwest and Two Rivers Gallery.

I can be reached at 250 564 5570 or through this website.


rebirth WB.jpeg

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