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Talking about your Art

Often we Artists hide behind our canvas’s.  We paint in the solitude of our studios then quietly send our masterpieces off to galleries or shops, hoping our art will speak for and sell itself.   Great art is only part of the successful artist equation; the other half is in the communication of it. If you […]

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Commissioned Art

A successful commission is a collaboration between the Artist and the Collector.  A Collector will have a concept in mind and then it is up to the Artist to utilize their talents to translate the picture onto canvas.   Building a positive working relationship through good communication during the painting process is the key to a […]

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Finding Inspiration

A blank canvas of nothingness awaits you.  It stares back, empty; what will you create?  You freeze up in anticipation of how to begin and time passes by as you think, and think and think.   Where do you turn to be inspired? If you are having an art block or you have drifted from making art […]

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Feature and Sell Your Art

Firstly, I am glad you want to take a big step towards promoting and selling your art.  Here at Ridge Side Art we have the online capacity to showcase you as an artist and help you bring your art to the world.  If you are a Northern BC artist (North of the lower mainland) you are eligible […]

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Writing a Dynamic Artist Bio

Writing an Artists Bio is the next difficult thing to pricing your art.  Most Artists are modest; they want the attention on their art, not themselves.  Collectors though, want and need to know who’s behind the paint; it adds value and conversation to the piece.  It’s also important if you are planning on instructing a […]

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Pricing Your Art

Pricing your art can be hard.    So many factors can weigh in on applying a dollar value to your work.  In this article I’m not going to provide you with any magical formula (even though there are pricing per inch ones out there), instead I’m going offer up some thoughts and tips for you to […]

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Photographing Your Art for the Web

I went on an epic internet research quest to figure out the best way to photograph your art for the web.  I spent hours reading about it, watching youtube tutorials and then I just experimented with the ideas and came up my own proven techniques. Here are my findings: 1.   Photographing glass framed art – Preventing Reflection and Glare I […]

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