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A Striking Composition

A Striking Composition Have you ever wondered why some artworks just do not look right while others seemed to be in perfect harmony?   Maybe you started painting or photographing a subject or scenery only to come to the sad realization (after a lot of work and paint) that it was not going to work out. […]

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Making Paint with Crystalynn Tarr

Artist Crystalynn Tarr is putting the LAND in her latest landscape paintings!    This adventurous Prince Georgian has trekked around our territory, collected a variety of earthly materials and transformed them into her own unique paints and is literally making much of her flowing art pieces from scratch! As we all know good paints can be […]

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Art Supplies – Avoid the Pitfalls

What is the difference between cheap paint and artist quality paint?  Which brushes do you really need?  Does it make a difference which kind of canvas or paper should be used?    All these choices to make before you even begin to paint.  This segment is dedicated to helping the beginner artist understand the supplies […]

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Secrets of an Art Diary

A visual representation of the inner workings of the Artists mind lies within the pages of an Art Diary.  It carries the artists’ discoveries, concepts, mad science or recipe for their art and notes of inspiration or expression.  Every good artist should diligently fill its pages and build their own resource manual. So what exactly […]

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Music and the Painting Process

There are many ways art can be influenced but a common source is music.  Artists utilize music to establish atmosphere and set certain moods which in turn inspires the creative process.   It can also have great impacts in the variations of your brush strokes.   In this ARTicle I’m going to deliver some music to art […]

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