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Free watercolour tutorials from Ridge Side Art.

Just Paint It – Nechako Cutbanks

Are we on episode 4 already?!!  I hope these quick little paintings are inspiring you to get into art.  No matter what your skill level I’ve been sharing easy or fresh techniques that you can use to create great paintings. Episode 4 is all about the Nechacko Cutbanks, impressionistic style.  I love impressionism; the subject […]

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Just Paint It – Alcohol Inks

It’s episode 3 of Just Paint It and in this short piece I’ll show you how to make a beautiful arctic landscape using alcohol inks!  Alcohol inks come in little dropper bottles with a wide variety of vibrant colours available for you to play with.  Use them on non-porous surfaces such as tiles, over top […]

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Just Paint It – Bold Birches

Welcome to episode 2 of Just Paint It! This segment is focused on how to paint bold birches using a conventional yet unconventional tool…  It’s so simple anyone can do it! Click the Youtube video to watch and if you enjoy it please like, subscribe and share with your friends. Thank you Shaw Community TV for airing […]

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Just Paint It – A Sunset Sail

Welcome to Episode 1 of Just Paint It!  A new Shaw Cable community program segment designed to provide you with some free painting tutorials.  In this edition learn how to paint a stunning sunset sail….the easy way. Click the YouTube video to watch.  And please if you enjoyed this segment login to youtube and like […]

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A Striking Composition

A Striking Composition Have you ever wondered why some artworks just do not look right while others seemed to be in perfect harmony?   Maybe you started painting or photographing a subject or scenery only to come to the sad realization (after a lot of work and paint) that it was not going to work out. […]

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Art Supplies – Avoid the Pitfalls

What is the difference between cheap paint and artist quality paint?  Which brushes do you really need?  Does it make a difference which kind of canvas or paper should be used?    All these choices to make before you even begin to paint.  This segment is dedicated to helping the beginner artist understand the supplies […]

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Easy Watercolour Rocks

Bet you never knew painting rocks could be this simple!   Supply List: Arches 140 lb cold press paper Burnt Sienna & French Ultramarine Blue watercolour paints (go ahead and try other colours) water & brush Cut up plastic card   How to video:  

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Bold Watercolour Trees

Welcome to the first edition of Ridge Side Art’s free painting tutorials.  To start it off in a fabulously bold and colourful way I am going to show you how to easily make birch trees.  You can probably apply this method in many other ways and create your own terrific pieces. This was taught to […]

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