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A successful commission is a collaboration between the Artist and the Collector.  A Collector will have a concept in mind and then it is up to the Artist to utilize their talents to translate the picture onto canvas.   Building a positive working relationship through good communication during the painting process is the key to a rewarding outcome for both parties.

Here is a small list of considerations when commissioning art:

  • What size will it the art piece(s) need to be?
  • Where will it go?
  • Does it need to stay within a colour scheme?
  • Is there a certain feel you want out of it?
  • Samples of art styles you like also helps the artist understand what you may be after.

Contact the Artist, provide the details above, meet with them and get a quote for the work.  Pricing will be based on materials, size and time spent.

When you decide to proceed the Artist and Collector should enter into a Custom Art Commission Contract.  The agreed price, scope of work, payment schedule/information, copyrights and right of refusal will be clarified in that document.

Then the painting process begins!  Allow the Artist to develop a drawings or mini art based on the input you gave them.  Here is where an eye for composition, colour, darks and light can add to the overall feel in the work. Once you approve the prototype, the Artist will commence the real piece(s).

Good communication regarding the paintings progression are very necessary.  A reliable Artist stays in contact with the collector and sends photos or has the collector view the art as it reaches relevant progress points.  In addition, suggestions from the Collector must also be taken into consideration along the way – after all it is their art.

If you are interested in commissioning one of the Artists on Ridge Side Art for a custom one of a kind piece.  Please fill out the below contact form.




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