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Teen Spirit! Mixed Media

Tuesday August 15th | 1pm-3pm | Age 13-18 | $35+gst

Teens get your design caps on because we are going to create a shape, splice it up and fill it with all kinds of mediums!  This is an acrylic based class but we will be using various additives that make it mixed media.  You’re going to learn so much about the different gels, glass beads and more that you’ll never do drugs cause you’ll spend all your money in the art store.  Meet like minded souls who love art and flourish as an artie!

Instructor: Christina Watts

Pick up and drop off are available if you live in town for an extra $5.

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Wispy Watercolour Feathers

Tuesday August 15th | 6:30-8:30pm | Teen – Adult | $35+gst

Learn how to draw and paint a wispy watercolour feather.  Discover some great techniques that you can use with many other subjects you might want to paint later on.  Or keep making these awesome feathers!  They work well for cards and as stand alone art pieces.

140lb coldpress watercolour paper will be provided.  Please note that poor quality paint will not work for the techniques shown here, Cotman is a decent student brand and of course Daniel Smith paints are amazing. If you have a question please contact the shop.

Bring your own supplies or opt to use shop supplies for an extra $5.

Supplies to bring:

  • Watercolour brushes: #6 or #8 round, flat brush in either 1″ or 3/4″.
  • Watercolour paint: burnt sienna, french ultramarine blue, hansa yellow light or yellow ochre, quinacridone rose, undersea green. (recommended colours – feel free to bring what you have that is student quality or better)
  • Paint Palette (or plate to mix)
  • masking tape
  • table salt
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Paint with Epoxy

2 night class!

Tuesday August 22nd & Thursday August 24th | 6:30-8:30pm | Adults

Cost: $80.00+gst includes supplies

This two piece class is structured so we can do 2 layers of epoxy and build up a painting.  Learn how to properly mix the art resin, which paint pigments can be added to it, how to paint with it and more!  This ends up looking like glass and is one of the most interesting mediums you’ll come across.

Supplies included:

  • Art Resin
  • Mini Torch or Heat Gun
  • Paint pigments
  • Gloves, mixing containers.
  • Wood panel canvas

Class size is limited to 8.

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Oil Painting Portrait Class

Tuesdays | Sept 5th – Oct 24th | 7 pm-10 pm | 8 sessions | $225+gst

Learn how to paint a portrait in oils with acclaimed artist Pat Russman!!! Develop your own painting with step by step instruction and guidance.  Using your own photograph of someone you love, you’ll get to draw then paint with oil paints.  This is one class and instructor you don’t want to miss!

Class size is limited to 12 people so sign up soon to avoid disappointment.

Please bring the following supplies:

  • A good photograph in either a 5×7 or 8×10 size (if you can’s see the image well enough it will be difficult to paint so please get a crisp one)
  • 16″ x 20″ canvas
  • Clear ruler (12″ to 22″ will do)
  • Technical pencil
  • Eraser
  • Brushes:  Detail brush 000-1, 1/4 Flat or Angle brush, 1/2 or 3/4 flat brush.  Not course bristle ones, the synthetics are ok.
  • Oil Paints: White, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, burnt umber, paynes grey, colbalt blue
  • No thinner required for clean up, murphy’s oil soap, mineral spirits or dishwasher liquid works just fine.
  • Linseed oil – this is optional
  • Disposable pallet
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