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Featured Artist: Yvonne Sawkins

Welcome to the first edition of Ridge Side Art’s featured artist post.  It is with great pleasure that we launch this section of Ridge Side Art; articles designed to showcase our local artists so you can know the people behind the paint. To kick things off in a big way, this posts featured artist is Yvonne Sawkins!   You […]

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A Compelling Argument for Art

  We often think of art as a luxury item or hobby, but it should be a staple in our daily lives.  In this article I want to present a few ideas for you to ponder on why art is immensely important for all of us.  I will break down the benefits into three areas, the […]

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Photographing Your Art for the Web

I went on an epic internet research quest to figure out the best way to photograph your art for the web.  I spent hours reading about it, watching youtube tutorials and then I just experimented with the ideas and came up my own proven techniques. Here are my findings: 1.   Photographing glass framed art – Preventing Reflection and Glare I […]

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Ridge Side Art Social Media

  Ridge Side Art promotes Northern Art through a variety of social media outlets.  When an artists’ work is accepted, they will be featured as an artist and their art posted in the online gallery; but it doesn’t just end there.  Each art piece ends up on pinterest, the new posts (including the featured artist) automatically get published to the […]

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The Ridge Side Art Story

Ridge Side Art is aptly named after my home studio location, which happens to be on the ridge side of King Drive.   My passion for art and the local arts community is what drove me to develop the Ridge Side Art website where Northern BC art can have an online presence. Here artists, both emerging and established, have equal opportunity to […]

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